Online Ticket Submission – ITIC for Professional or Repeat Excavators

Welcome to ITIC, a real-time interactive tool that allows you to enter your locate requests and updates live with the Call center. This service is available to registered professional or repeat excavators. If you are interested in ITIC and would like to register click the computer below, once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, fill in your email address and phone number then click on register. You will receive an email with instructions or you can contact either Kevin or Brian at (877) 668-4001.

Just like the phone call, there is no charge for this service.

Note: Emergency Locate Requests Cannot Be Submitted Online

Submit an Online Locate Request

If after receiving a copy of your ticket and something is incorrect, please contact the Call Center at 811, ASAP to have it corrected.

DOWNLOAD: Montana ITIC Manual (PDF)

ITIC Overview Video

Mobile ITIC Intro Video