Montana One-Call Headers Tickets and Notifications

 “Tickets” that you will receive from the Montana811 Call Center fall into 2 groups. 

 1) Tickets – which require facility marking. 
 2) Notifications – which are information only and are sent to a member as required by law or as a curtesy and do not require any facility marking action. Members should take any action they deem necessary with the information provided to them. (These will be billed at the same cost as tickets)

1. 2 Business Days Tkt – (2 Full Business Days Ticket) Standard or regular locate request. Members have two full business days to complete locate marks. Upon receipt of the notice provided for in this section, the owner of the underground facility owner shall provide the excavator with reasonably accurate information as to the owner’s locatable underground facilities by surface locating and marking the location of the facilities. If there are identified but unlocatable underground facilities, the underground facility owner of the facilities shall provide the excavator with the best available information as to their locations. If an excavator wants to propose a meet on site with locators, they can add that information to the remarks section. The meeting time and place is not guaranteed and is used to indicate that the excavator wants to provide more detailed information to the locator. (HB365, Section 15(3)(a) & (5))

2. Emer Locate Tkt – (Emergency Locate Ticket) Members locators must respond immediately as soon as practicable. An excavator has notified the one-call notification center that an emergency exists, and excavation is necessary to: alleviate a condition that constitutes a clear and present danger to life or property; or repair a customer outage involving a previously installed utility-owned facility. The Call Center will process the ticket immediately and transmit as soon as possible and will to a curtesy call to the member that an emergency locate ticket has been sent. (HB365, Section 15(3)(c))

3. Engineering Tkt – (Engineering Ticket) (New Header) Members must locate and mark the location within 5 business days or within 5 business days of a date agreed to after a meeting for an engineering locate request, which is a request for a locate and mark to identify underground facilities for planning and design purposes. (HB365, Section 13(10) & Section 15(3)(b))

4. Agricultural Tkt – (Agricultural Ticket) (New Header) A request for a locate and mark that is requested based on the perimeter boundary of an agricultural field: by a property owner or excavator prior to agricultural activity; or by a property owner or excavator prior to conducting soil probing or testing. (HB365, Section 13(1)(a) & (b))

5. Cancel: A request by an excavator to cancel an existing locate request. A member will no longer have to locate the original ticket. It will be handled by the Call Center the 2 full business days ticket.

6. Correction: A minor update to an existing 2 Full Business Days Ticket, no new ticket number. May or may not require locate action but will not change the scope of work.

7. Safety Notify Used for reporting excavation activity suspected without an existing ticket. Will be treated as an emergency ticket for Call Center processing.

8. Unkn Facility Notify – (Unknown Facility Notification) Used for reporting discovery of an unknow facility when excavating on an existing ticket. It will be an update of the existing ticket if available. Will be treated as an emergency ticket for Call Center processing. (HB365, Section 15(6)

9. Damage Notify – (Damage Notification) Used to report a damage to an existing underground facility, usually by an excavator. Will be treated as an emergency ticket for Call Center processing. (HB365, Section 4(4)(a) & (b)